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Day Band

Symphony Band; Bass Clarinet

In 2022 and 2023 we earned a Division Rating II at MSBOA District Festival. My favorite song we have played is Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Márquez, with a close second being Stella Maris by Samuel R. Hazo.

Concert Band; Tenor Saxophone

I joined Concert Band this year to learn and improve my Tenor Sax skills, as I will be auditioning for the University of Michigan Marching Band on Tenor Sax.

Honors Bands & All state

I am the First Chair Bass Clarinetest for the MSBOA District 4 Honors Band. I have participated in this honors band since it's return from Covid.

I also was accepted into the MSBOA All-State Band! This required a ridiculously hard audition, and I was auditioning against musicians across the state! I was accepted into the All-State Band on Contrabass Clarinet, and am first chair! This means I am the most skilled Contrabass Clarinetist in the state!.

Marching Band

High School Marching Band

I am a Captain of the Single Reeds Section in the SLEHS Marching Band, and play Bass Clarinet. Our marching band is in the MCBA Flight II, and we were state finalists in 2021, 2022, and 2023

College Marching Band

I am planning on auditioning for the Michigan Marching Band in June. I am learning Tenor Sax to play in college marching band!

Small Ensembles


In 2022, I played in a Clarinet and Bass Clarinet duet with a friend at MSBOA District and State Solo and Ensemble, earning a Division I Rating at both events.

In 2023, I played in a Bass Clarinet-Tenor Sax duet (I played Bass Clarinet) with another friend at MSBOA District and State Solo and Ensemble, earning a Division I Rating at both events as well.

In 2024, I played in a Clarinet-Bass Clarinet duet with yet another friend at District Solo and Ensemble. After a brief debacle that almost resulted in disqualification, we did end up earning a Division 1 Rating and going to State Solo and Ensemble.

Clarinet Choir

In Fall 2022, I joined our school sponsored Clarinet Ensemble. We performed at our school's Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and for a nursing home. We earned a 1 at District Solo and Ensemble, and unfortunately got disqualified at State Solo and Ensemble due to not covering all the parts in the piece; however, we did get glowing comments from the judge! This year, we preformed at District Solo and Ensemble, earning a 1 and thus going to States, as well as various concerts like last year.

Sax Choir

In Fall 2023, I joined Sax Choir to keep improving on Tenor Sax! We will be performing at the same events as Clarinet Choir! We also earned a 1 at District Solo and Ensemble, and will be preforming at State Solo and Ensemble.


I am a Captain on the South Lyon Varsity Swim and Dive Team. I mainly swim the 100 Breastroke and the 100 Butterfly. I have been Varsity all 4 years of high school. In 2024, I made the MHSAA Division 1 State Cut in the 100 Butterfly, and will be competeing on March 8 and 9 in the 100 Butterfly and the 200 Medley Relay at States!

Best Times

100 Breastroke: 1:03:92
100 Butterfly: 54:77

Scouts - Youth

Trail to Eagle - Blue Troop

In 2019, I joined Blue Troop at Trail to Eagle. Trail to Eagle is a very unique summer camp that takes place once a week. Scouts from across Michigan and the country are seperated into one of eight differnet troops named after a color. I was in Blue Troop for 5 years as a youth. In 2021, I was asked to be a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. I served as a JASM for two years. Trail to Eagle 2022 was one of the best weeks of my life! I earned over 25 merit badges over the 4 years I was at TTE!

Eagle Scout Project

In the summer of 2022, I completed my Eagle Scout Project. This patio was just under 100 square feet. It took months of planning and around 75 hours of personal service. I fundraised by organizing a can drive during the week of the Fourth of July on my grandma's street (she lives on a lake, so it was a great location). I also got funds from Thrivent Credit Union through a member of my church.


Merit Badges: 51

Eagle Palms: 5

Eagle Scout Rank: November 1, 2022

Life Rank: December 9, 2019

Star Rank: April 15, 2019

First Class Rank: November 12, 2018

Second Class Rank: May 21, 2018

Tenderfoot Rank: February 12, 2018

Scout Rank: July 20, 2017

Scouts - Adult

In 2024, I will be returning to Trail to Eagle as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Blue Troop. Rather than becoming a merit badge counsler, I will be joining the Med Staff! I will be training with Rod Beckwith and Gordy throughout the year so that I can learn the necessary first aid and lifesaving skills necessary.

Tech Podcasts

I listen to many podcasts by Relay FM. I am very active in the Relay FM Members discord, where I have met many friends over the past few years. Through the many tech podcasts I listen to, I have learned quite a bit about Apple and enjoy their products and business.

My Tech Podcasts

Connected: My favorite podcast, a weekly panel with hosts from across the globe (and lots of japes). Hosted by Myke Hurley, Federico Viticci, and Stephen Hackett. I subscribe to Connected Pro, which gives me access to the Relay FM Members Discord, where I have met many friends throughout the years!

Upgrade: A weekly tech podcast hosted by Jason Snell and Myke Hurley.

Accidental Tech Podcast: Yet another tech podcast, hosted by Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss. Their perspectives are much different than the other two long tech podcasts I have.

Clockwise: A weekly 30 minute, fast paced tech podcast that has 2 guests every week and 4 topics. Hosted by Mikah Sargent and Dan Moren.

Under the Radar: This show is 30 mintutes biweekly and hosted by David Smith and Marco Arment. This show discusses all aspects of indie iOS App Development, and even though I am not a developer, it is still very interesting to hear the developers discuss all things regarding how Apple impacts devs.

Cortex: This podcast isn't all tech, but doesn't really fit elsewhere. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley, this podcast discusses their work lives and pretty much anything else they decide to talk about.

Downstream: This show is all about the Streaming Media industry, and is very interesting to me because I am very interested in business. Hosted by Jason Snell and Julia Alexander.

Wondery Podcasts

I also listen to many Wondery shows, thanks to my Dad. We used to listen to them in the car on the way to school, and now I am hooked. I subscribe to Wondery+.

My Wondery Podcasts

Business Wars: This show has seasons of 4-6 epidodes detailing market battles between 2 companies. Hosted by David Brown.

Business Movers: This show is similar to Business Wars, except it details the story of just one company through their life. Hosted by Lindsay Graham.

American History Tellers: This show has 4-6 episode seasons detailing various aspects of American History. This show got me my 5 in APUSH.

American Scandal: This podcast is similar to American History Tellers, except it deals with the more uncomfey or bad aspects of American History.

Misc. Podcasts

I listen to quite a few podcasts on random topics, such as strange Wikipedia entries and defining obscure topics!

My Misc. Podcasts

Rebel Force Radio: This podcast, hosted by Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, goes into extreme depth on all things Star Wars, which is perfect for a Star Wars nerd like me. They make 2hr+ podcast episodes after every single Star Wars episode drops, and they also have a weekly show with more broad Star Wars content.

Ungeniused: A short podcast that covers weird and wacky Wikipedia Topics, hosted by Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett

Robot or Not: This show is a fun banter show where John Siracusa and Jason Snell debate if something is a robot or not, and has since expanded to deciding if X is Y or not, with various subjects.

St. Jude's Fundraisers

Every September, Relay FM organizes a huge fundraiser for St. Jude's Childrens Research hostpitlhas a large fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. This fundraiser raises an incredible amount of money each year. Their lifetime total is just shy of $3 Million over 5 years.

In 2022, they opened the fundraiser up for individual community members to have their own sub-campaigns. I started a campaign, and in my campaign, if somebody donated $10 or more, I would mow their name into a lawn before cutting all the grass. I would dedicate that lawn to them and donate half of the money I earned from mowing that lawn. My fundraiser raised $625. The link to the fundraiser is here.

During September 2023, I ran a similar campaign with Relay FM again. This year, I donated my total earnings for 1 lawn for every $200 raised (up to $1000 raised). My campaign raised $1,521.01, smashing my total last near by nearly 3x. This link is here. I am so proud of how much I have raised and I am incredibly impressed with the entire Relay FM community

Junior Ranger Program

The Junior Ranger Program is a program at National Park Sites that grants kids more opportunities to participate and learn about their National Parks. You complete a series of activities about the park in a workbook, and then show the completed activities to a Park Ranger. From there, you earn a Junior Ranger Badge and are a Junior Ranger of that National Park Site. I am a Junior Ranger at over 250 NPS Sites across the nation.

My Devices

Computer: MacBook Air 15"

Mobile Phone: iPhone 14 Pro, Space Black with Torras MagSafe case and the Popwallet+ for MagSafe

Watch: Apple Watch Series 7 Midnight, with Midnight Sport Band

Tablet: iPad Mini 6 Starlight, with a no-name Amazon Keyboard case and Apple Pencil